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235 Squadron was formed in August 1918 flying Short seaplanes.  It was reformed as a fighter squadron in October 1939 with Fairy Battles; these were replaced with Blenheims and with the squadrons transfer to Coastal Command, anti-shipping and convoy protection duties began.

In the preparations for D-Day, operations were carried out over the Bay of Biscay from South West England and post D-Day, the squadron moved to Scotland to join the Banff Wing, now equipped with the De Havilland Mosquito.

The squadron was disbanded on 10th July 1945.

 235 Squadron March 1945


235 Squadron members mentioned in Diary pages:

  1. Squadron Leader Reid - front row, 7th from left.

  2. Flying Officer Turner ?

  3. Pilot Officer Harrington - middle row far right

  4. Flight Sergeant Winwood - back row, 7th from left.

Please see the Pilot Profiles page for information on these Squadron members.

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